The Melbourne Social Equity Institute (MSEI) supports interdisciplinary research on social equity issues across the full spectrum of social life including health, law, education, housing, work and transport. We bring together researchers from across the University of Melbourne to identify unjust or unfair practices that lead to social inequity and work towards finding ways to ameliorate disadvantage.

MSEI prioritises rights-based and interdisciplinary research, involving partners from the community and giving those with a lived experience of disadvantage voice in the focus, design and outcomes of research. Interdisciplinary research means drawing on the strengths of each of our university’s faculties in order to better solve complex problems of disadvantage. Involving community partners ensures that research is relevant to those outside the academy.

Our research projects

Research Programs

As part of the commitment to interdisciplinarity, MSEI seeks to identify and support communities of academics who research similar areas of inequity. The Melbourne Research Alliance to End Violence Against Women and their Children (MAEVe) recognises the leadership of University of Melbourne academics in this field and is supported as one of MSEI's key research programs.

MSEI continues to be closely involved with research communities including the Ageing Research Initiative, the Children's Lives Hallmark Initiative and the Melbourne Refugee Studies Program . It is also the venue for monthly Researchers for Asylum Seekers meetings and convenes a network of gender equity researchers.