At the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, we acknowledge an imperfect world. We realise that societies are sometimes beset by divisions of culture, economic status or creed. Chances of birth such as class, race, ability or gender often lead to marginalisation and disempowerment.

We strive to identify the origins of disadvantage and develop effective solutions through high-end research and active community engagement.

Our vision is to influence government policy, public opinion and social practices through the highest quality scholarship in order to create fairer societies.

The Melbourne Social Equity Institute was established in mid-2012 as part of the University's family of interdisciplinary research institutes. It operates on a 'virtual institute' model, meaning that it has a small directorate who are responsible for allocating funding, coordinating communities of like-minded researchers and engaging with external partners, policy-makers and the public.


Melbourne Social Equity Institute
201 Grattan Street
Carlton VIC 3053