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Latest News

Photograph of Stephanie Weir and Jack Hogan

Published: 08 Jul 2019

New PhD Scholarship with Scope

Each year the Melbourne Social Equity Institute gives Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships and other scholarships to students whose interest in social equity issues aligns closely to our research agenda.  In 2019, we are delighted to welcome Stephanie Weir from Scope to our PhD program through a unique scholarship and research collaboration, made possible by the partnership between Scope and the University of Melbourne.

Published: 09 Apr 2019

Support for Consumers with Cognitive Disabilities: New Report Launched

University of Melbourne researchers, supported by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, have developed guidance for retailers to improve their approach and make their processes and communications more helpful and accessible to consumers with cognitive disabilities who may have difficulties with learning, concentrating on, processing, remembering, or communicating information, and/or with decision-making.

Published: 22 Mar 2018

Policy Briefing Paper – Facilitating Better Employment Opportunities for Refugee-background Migrants and People Seeking Asylum in Australia

In 2017 Dr Nadera Hayat Burhani and Dr Jawid Sayed were employed as Community Researchers at the Social Equity Institute at the University of Melbourne. The resulting Policy Briefing Paper aims to make specific, implementable policy recommendations to reduce barriers and facilitate improved employment opportunities for refugee-background migrants and people seeking asylum living in Australia.