Post-release family and community support for African-Australians in Victoria

Investigating the post-release support needs of African-Australians who have been imprisoned in Victoria

The number of African-Australians in contact with the Victorian justice system has been increasing in the last five years. However, little is known about the imprisonment experiences and post-release reintegration needs and resettlement outcomes of this cohort.

Using a social ecological framework, this project will explore the role of family (immediate environment) and community (wider sociocultural context) supports for African Australians with lived experiences of previously being incarcerated in a Victorian correctional facility.

Dr Diana Johns [School of Social and Political Sciences]

Professor Karen Farquharson [School of Social and Political Sciences]

Dr Greg Armstrong [School of Population and Global Health]

Dr Gerald Onsando [African Community in Victoria]

For information about this project, please contact:

Dr Diana Johns
School of Social and Political Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Phone: +61 3 8344 5394