Borders, Identities and Belonging in a Cosmopolitan Society: Perspectives from African Migrants in the Diaspora

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The University of Melbourne Parkville

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African Studies Group

The African Studies Group at the University of Melbourne is hosting its inaugural conference in March 2020.  The ​Borders, Identities and Belonging conference is organised around the following themes:

  • The Concept of Home: What and where is home? Where, when and how do we feel a sense of ‘belonging’?
  • Relevance of Borders: How do borders permeate our social lives?
  • Digital Transformation: How have digital communication platforms transformed the concepts and experiences of borders, identity and belonging?
  • Multiculturalism and Integration: What are the experiences and prospects of multiculturalism in increasing our sense of belonging and social integration?

The conference comprises of a masterclass, a public lecture, and academic and practitioners' panels. The conference program will be available in March.

Early bird tickets are available until 22 February. For further information please contact the African Studies Group.

This conference is supported by the African Engagement Platform, Scanlon Foundation, and the Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

Image: BBC World Service