Lecture Series for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

Lecture Videos 2017

Understanding Australia in an annual lecture series presented by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. It aims to give recent arrivals in Australia a better understanding of Australian history and contemporary society.

The 2017 lecture series ran from Monday 18 September to Monday 23 October. For the first time, most of the lectures are being filmed and videos will be made available below.

For further information about the lecture series, please click here.

Lecture 1 | Indigenous Australia

Lecture 2 | Migration and Diversity

Please note: Lecture 3 in this series was not filmed.

Lecture 4 | Languages in Australia

Lecture 5 | Australian Systems

Lecture 6 | Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

For further information or to request a transcript of these videos please email social-equity@unimelb.edu.au