Lecture Series for Asylum Seekers

For the past three years the Melbourne Social Equity Institute has hosted an annual lecture series for asylum seekers.

The series began in 2014 with the recognition that many refugees and asylum seekers in the community didn't have the right to work or study, and were experiencing significant social isolation.

In 2016 the series placed a particular emphasis on giving recent arrivals a better understanding of Australian history and contemporary society.

"In previous years there was always a big interest in learning more about Australia, especially Indigenous culture and history," said Charlene Edwards, executive officer at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

The 2016 lecture series ran over six weeks:

  • Lecture 1: Indigenous histories
  • Lecture 2: Immigration to Australia
  • Lecture 3: Contemporary Australia
  • Lecture 4: Languages
  • Lecture 5: Australian systems: education and politics
  • Lecture 6: Human rights and equal opportunities

People from 15 different countries attended the 2016 series. Countries of origin included Pakistan, Eritrea, Syria, Malaysia, Bosnia, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan.

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