Welcoming Diverse Consumer and Survivor Views and Voices into Mental Health

Indigo Daya, VMIAC

Indigo Daya's fellowship focused on consumer and survivor views and voices in mental health research.

Indigo Daya is an activist who works inside and outside the mental health system, seeking change that privileges the views of consumers and survivors.

Indigo joined the Melbourne Social Equity Institute's Community Fellows Program in 2018 while working as a Human Rights Advisor at VMIAC (Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council).

Through this fellowship research project, she sought to explore diverse consumer opinions on treatment and care in the mental health system and to develop a more equitable approach consumer advocacy.

In April 2021,  Indigo joined the  Melbourne Social Equity Institute's  Mental Health and Society Seminar Series to share her work.

Since completing her Community Fellowship, Indigo had commenced working as a Consumer Academic at the Centre for Mental Health Nursing at the University of Melbourne.

She has also written about this project in a journal article for the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing.