The living archive of Aboriginal art

Developing a team of Indigenous researchers in the production of a digital art archive

In southeast Australia, Aboriginal people and their artwork is often considered less authentic or ‘real’ compared to the more remote areas of the country. Yet, their artwork continues to reveal the complexity of Indigenous knowledge systems. However, no archival system adequately reflects these ‘ways of knowing’.

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Art aims to work with a team of Indigenous co-researchers to design an interactive digital art archive that is representative of Indigenous peoples’ lifeworlds.

Associate Professor Richard Chenhall [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy [Academic Services and Registrar]

Dr Sharon Huebner [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Dr Rimi Khan [School of Culture and Communication]

Dr Sally Treloyn [Wilin Centre]

Dr Greg Wadley [School of Computing and Information Systems]

Dr Fran Edmonds [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Kirsten Thorpe [Jumbunna Institute of Indigenous Studies, University of Technology Sydney]

Maree Clarke [Wyndham City Council]

Dr Sabra Thorner [Mt Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA]

Vivien Anderson [Vivien Anderson Gallery]

For information about this project, please contact:

Associate Professor Richard Chenhall
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Phone: +61 3 8344 0826