Assessing and building social investment opportunities that preserve Indigenous cultures

This research examines how corporate social investment in its various forms can be best utilized to support Aboriginal art centres and thus the autonomy, health, education and employment outcomes in under-resourced Australian communities. In doing so, it explores the potential for such programs to enable more members of communities to remain in situ, preserving communities, cultures and customs. This in turn would allow the focus of social policy in these communities to shift from providing basic support to improving the quality of outcomes.


Brad Potter [Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, UoM]

Prakash J Singh [Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, UoM]

Robyn Sloggett [Centre for Cultural Materials, Faculty of Arts, UoM]

Jodi York [Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, UoM]

Shaun Cannon [Principles for Investment Secretariat]