Sense of belonging for African students at the University of Melbourne

Understanding and improving the student experience.

This new research project seeks to better understand African students’ sense of belonging, inclusion and participation at the University of Melbourne, with the aim of improving their overall student experience.

The project is led by an interdisciplinary research team comprising staff across Population Health, International Development and Education in collaboration with students from the African Studies Group.

Using a peer interviewer research model, students working as Research Assistants will engage with eligible fellow students to talk about their experiences of belonging and wellbeing at the University of Melbourne. Eligible participants of the study are African undergraduate, postgraduate coursework, and research higher degree students at the University of Melbourne.

The research findings will be published in a report and will assist in the recruitment and retention of African students at the University of Melbourne.

This project received funding through the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Group and the University of Melbourne.

University of Melbourne Staff

Dr Gerald Onsando [Melbourne Social Equity Institute]

Dr Melissa Russell [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Dr Karen Block [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Associate Professor Bina Fernandez [School of Social and Political Sciences]

Research Assistants

Ife Adesina

Jean Ndabakuranye

For information about this project, please contact:

Dr Gerald Onsando
Research Fellow
Melbourne Social Equity Institute