Co-producing safe, inclusive work places for mental health consumer workers

How should we change the mental health system to safely include consumer workers?

Consumer workers are an essential feature of a mental health service system that is equitable, democratic and responsive to the needs of mental health consumers. Yet they experience ongoing problems with their treatment in the workplace. While this workforce is growing in size in Victoria, there has been minimal consideration of the organisational change required to fully incorporate consumer workers in way that is safe and inclusive.

Co-produced with consumer workers, this project aims to increase the understanding of the workplace safety experiences of the consumer workforce in order to develop recommendations for organisational and systemic change.

University-based researchers

Dr Kath Sellick [Department of Social Work]

Krystyn Smale [Department of Social Work]

Vrinda Edan [Centre for Psychiatric Nursing]

A/Prof Susan Ainsworth [Department of Management and Marketing]

Cath Roper [Centre for Psychiatric Nursing]

Community Co-researchers

Susan Alvarez-Vasquez

Brendan Johnson

Rory Randall

Joanne Switserloot

Partner-based researchers

Emma Cadogan [Department of Health and Human Services]

For information about this project, please contact:

Dr Kath Sellick
Department of Social Work
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Phone +61 3 8344 7294