Creating a digital platform for capturing children’s and adolescent’s views of contemporary Australian childhood from the ground up

Capturing children’s and adolescent’s views about their lives and issues that affect them will deepen understanding about contemporary childhood, lead to better decisions and offer young people a chance to learn about their rights and powers as citizens. Yet, there is currently no effective way of doing this on a large scale. The seed project is the start of a ground-up process for capturing the views of 10,000 young people aged 6-18 years nation-wide. It involves consultations with young people and parents in pilot schools about the project ideas, ethical protocols and the young people’s user interface.


Sarah Wise [Department of Social Work]

Kylie Smith [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Cathy Humphreys [Department of Social Work]

Johanna Wyn [Youth Research Centre]

Ann Sanson [Department of Paediatrics]

Marie Connolly [Department of Social Work]

John Tobin [Melbourne Law School]

Lisa Gibbs [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Susan Finch [Department of Mathematics and Statistics]

Gavan McCarthy [eScholarship Research Centre]

Margaret Hamley [Berry Street]

Anne Graham [Southern Cross University]