The Blue Nile African Australian Business Master Class Program

What are the barriers to success for African-Australians in business and how can we address them?

The Blue Nile African Australian Business Master Class program has been developed to strengthen the capacity of African-Australian entrepreneurs at the individual level through their own enterprises, and as a community group to provide an economic and social benefit for all Australians.

To ensure that the Blue Nile program is embedded in and connected to the African Australian community, the research team has engaged in a co-creation process with the community. This process involved formulating a reference group and conducting research on the business needs of the community through interviews, focus groups and participating in community meetings.

The research findings were presented in a report launched at the African Australians Settlement and Integration 2030: Opportunities and Challenges Conference, held at the University of Melbourne in November 2018.

The intention of the co-design process was to obtain a deeper understanding of the economic obstacles and unmet business education needs of recently arrived African-Australians operating in business communities within Australia. These findings will be used to design our teaching program to best fits those needs.

Associate Professor Ben Neville [Department of Management and Marketing]

Haileluel Gebreselassie [Community Program Director / Chair, African Think Tank]

Associate Professor Helen Stokes [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Dr Diana Johns [School of Social and Political Sciences]

Associate Professor Michelle Evans [Department of Management and Marketing]

Precious Rametsana [Faculty of Business and Economics]

Dr Samuelson Appau [RMIT University]

Paige Van Every [Jesuit Social Services]

Co-Design Phase Report

The research team has begun the co-design phase of the project, collaborating with African Australian entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders to understand their economic challenges and business education needs so that we can tailor the program to suit their business development and growth needs.

The team wanted to co-design the course with the community for both relevance and legitimacy. It undertook a 2-month research surveying secondary data on Africans living in Australia, as well as engaging with African community leaders and entrepreneurs through roundtables, focus groups and personal interviews.

Download: Download a copy of the Co-Design Phase Report (PDF)

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