Researching the Indonesian so called ‘Comfort Women’ during the Japanese Occupation of the Netherlands East Indies: Between the Archives and Testimonial Accounts

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Melbourne Law School
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Speaker: Assoc Prof Kate McGregor, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne


To date analyses of the experiences of Indonesian so called ‘comfort women’, who were abused during the Japanese Occupation of the Netherlands East Indies have focused largely on either piecing together fragmentary documentary evidence from Dutch or Japanese archives or on more extensive use of the testimonies of surviving women often provided many years after the occupation. Rarely have these sources been combined together. Scholars working on this history face multiple challenges including not only linguistic restrictions, but how to combine these sources which have often been produced for discrete purposes. In the Japanese case this included reports prepared for the invasion; in the Dutch case it included documenting crimes against the Dutch or treasonous behaviour; and in the case of human rights activists it included documenting women’s stories in their own right and the details of crimes against the women. In this paper I will survey the documentary and testimonial evidence available and provide examples of some of the nuances of Dutch and Indonesian women’s experiences of sexual violence during the occupation. I argue that both forms of evidence are very important, but following feminist methodologies is it also necessary to try to contextualize women’s actions, experiences and the constraints they faced as women living through a military occupation.


Associate Professor Kate McGregor is a historian of Indonesia. Her research interests include Indonesian historiography, memories of violence, the Indonesian military, Islam and identity in Indonesia and historical international links between Indonesia and the world. She teaches in the areas of Southeast Asian history, the history of violence and Asian thematic history. Kate is currently undertaking an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship on the project: Confronting Historical Injustice in Indonesia: Memory and Transnational Human Rights Activism examining the cases of Indonesian victims of human rights crimes during the Japanese occupation; the independence struggle and the 1965 repression. She has published widely on the topic of Indonesian memory, transnational political activism and historical justice. She is a member of the Steering Committee for the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability and a Board Member for the Herb Feith Foundation.

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