PhD Students

Each year the Melbourne Social Equity Institute gives Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships and other scholarships to students whose interest in social equity issues aligns closely to our research agenda. Recipients of an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship are given automatic entry into our doctoral academy once they have completed confirmation.

Students currently undertaking their PhD aligned to the Institute are listed below.

  • Aviva Beecher Kelk

    Sustainability vs profitability: locating stakeholders of Australian disability services in the individual support package model

    Prof Lynette Joubert, Department of Social Work 
    A/Prof Helen Dickinson, Melbourne School of Government

  • Jaz Dawson

    Queering Constructivist International Relations: Analysing norm implementation in sexual orientation based refugee law

    Prof Michelle Foster, Melbourne Law School 
    A/Prof Sarah Maddison, School of Social and Political Sciences

  • Liz Gill-Atkinson

    How do women with disability in the Philippines understand and experience participatory research practice?

    Dr Cathy Vaughan, Gender and Women’s Health Unit
    Prof Marilys Guillemin, Centre for Health Equity

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    Social impact of technology: digital social innovation in Australia

    Prof Helen Sullivan, Melbourne School of Government
    Dr Sarah Bice, Melbourne School of Government

  • Lauren Kosta

    Parenting after a disaster: experiences since Black Saturday

    Prof Louise Harms, Department of Social Work
    A/Prof Lisa Gibbs, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health 
    Dr David Rose, Department of Social Work

  • Kelvin Lau

    Understanding emotional distress and help-seeking in young people from a migrant background in Australia using photo-elicitation interviews

    Dr Victoria Palmer, General Practice

  • Micheline Lee

    Disability, Law, and All that Romance: A Cross-disciplinary Approach to Equality Rights for People with Disabilities

    Dr Eddie Paterson, School of Culture and Communication,
    Prof Bernadette McSherry, Melbourne Social Equity Institute
    Prof Beth Gaze, Melbourne Law School

  • Samantha Mannix

    Gender equity, social transformations and education

    Prof Julie McLeod, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

  • Erika Martino

    From Shelter to Security: Affordable Housing for Intimate Partner Violence Survivors

    Professor Carolyn Whitzman, Melbourne School of Design
    Associate Professor Rebecca Bentley, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

  • Melissa Murphy

    From social connectedness to equitable access: An action research project illuminating the opportunities and the barriers to accessing music for young people with disability transitioning from school to adult life.

    Prof Katrina Skewes-McFerran, National Music Therapy Research Unit
    Dr Nick Hagiliassis, Scope Victoria

  • Carol O'Dwyer

    The Gender Sensitive Care Project

    Prof Kelsey Hegarty and Dr Laura Tarzia, Department of General Practice
    Dr Sabin Fernbacher, North West Mental Health.

  • Naomi Pfitzner

    Engaging new fathers: learning from Baby Makes 3

    Prof Kelsey Hegarty, General Practice
    Prof Cathy Humphreys, Department of Social Work

  • Alana Roy

    Mental health & wellbeing of people who are deaf-blind

    Prof Keith McVilly, Disability Research Initiative

  • Juan Tellez

    Model laws and guidelines to regulate the use of chemical restraint on persons with disabilities

    Prof Bernadette McSherry, Melbourne Social Equity Institute
    Prof John Tobin, Melbourne Law School
    Dr Lisa Brophy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

  • Amita Tuteja

    Reproductive health and contraceptive needs of migrants from Burma: practitioner and patient perspectives in the Australian context

    A/Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, General Practice
    A/Prof Lena Sanci, General Practice 
    Dr Lester Mascarenhas, General Practice

  • Alicia Yon

    Enabling sociospatial justice: an integrated local planning approach to addressing the disability-gender violence nexus

    Prof Carolyn Whitzman, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning 
    Dr Cathy Vaughan, Gender and Women's Health Unit

  • Students Awarded Doctorates

  • Dr Katie Lamb

    Embedding the voices of children and young people in the development of programs for violent fathers

    Prof Cathy Humphreys, Department of Social Work

    Completed in 2017

  • Dr Gemma McKibbin

    Sexually abusive behaviour by young people: supporting Victoria's prevention response

    Prof Cathy Humphreys, Department of Social Work
    Dr Bridget Hamilton, School of Nursing

    Completed in 2017