Refugees and forced migration

The aim of this research program is to co-ordinate and support interdisciplinary research on issues relating primarily to the resettlement and social integration of refugees and asylum seekers. Resettlement generally refers to the transfer of refugees from an asylum country to another state that has agreed to admit them and ultimately grant them permanent settlement. Only a small number of states, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the Nordic countries, participate in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' resettlement program. Because there are often language and cultural challenges for those resettled to another country, services and programs are needed to facilitate integration. Such services and programs may deal with cultural orientation, language and vocational training, and help provide access to education and employment.

This program will draw together a number of researchers working in this field, including those involved with the University’s Researchers for Asylum Seekers network, to examine which programs and services best assist with the social integration of refugees both in Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region.

This program is led by A/Prof Sara Wills and Prof John Tobin.