A trauma-informed approach to the education of children

Carlton Primary School adjoins the high-rise public housing estate in Carlton, Victoria. The estate is home to a large number of migrants and refugees from countries in the Horn of Africa, many of whom are affected by the trauma of violence, loss of family and forced displacement. The school has developed considerable expertise in caring for and educating children from these backgrounds. 

The project will create a document that formally details the reasoning, the approach, and the outcomes of Carlton Primary School’s trauma informed approach to education. It will bring the grounded practice developed by the school together with international research in the area, and will result in a publicly available document and other dissemination activities.

This project was funded in the first round of the Community Fellows Program, 2016.

Community fellow

Rebecca Harris [Carlton Primary School]

Academic supervisor

Greg Donoghue [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Research Program

Community-engaged research