Supporting refugee-background students

Supporting outreach, recruitment and retention of students from refugee backgrounds at the University of Melbourne.

This project aims to improve opportunities and support for students from refugee backgrounds to study at the University of Melbourne. This cohort is likely to experience multiple barriers to successful study at university. These include low SES, a lack of knowledge and experience of Australian education systems, disrupted education prior to arrival, and competing family settlement demands and priorities.

Research activities will include investigation of current outreach, recruitment and support programs and their capacity to support refugee-background students; interviews with representatives of community organisations, feeder schools and TAFEs; and interviews with young people currently studying at the University of Melbourne or aspiring to do so. Project outcomes will comprise recommendations and new initiatives including partnerships with relevant groups to improve current systems.


Karen Block [ Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Julie McLeod [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Deborah Warr [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health]

Cassie Kotsanas [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Charlene Edwards [Melbourne Social Equity Institute]