Co-designing business education programs with the African-Australian community

What are the barriers to success for African-Australians in business and how can we address them?

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of African-Australian entrepreneurs at the individual level, through their own enterprises, and as a community group, to provide an economic and social benefit for all Australians. The intention is to obtain a deeper understanding of the economic obstacles and unmet business education needs of recently arrived African-Australians operating in business communities within Australia. This will then be used to design a teaching program that best fits those needs.

This program will be co-designed with the African-Australian community. It will provide a safe space to explore community-specific obstacles and build the business capabilities and networks of African-Australians.

Associate Professor Ben Neville [Department of Management and Marketing]

Associate Professor Geoff Martin [Melbourne Business School]

Associate Professor Brandon Lee [Melbourne Business School]

Associate Professor Helen Stokes [Melbourne Graduate School of Education]

Dr Diana Johns [School of Social and Political Sciences]

Associate Professor Michelle Evans [Department of Management and Marketing]

Haileluel Gebreselassie [African Think Tank]

Paige Van Every [Jesuit Social Services]

For information about this project, please contact:

Associate Professor Ben Neville
Department of Management and Marketing
Faculty of Business and Economics

Phone: +61 3 8344 1907