Citizens at work: an investigation of the work of giving and getting welfare

This project will investigate the relationship between front-line bureaucrats delivering welfare services and members of disadvantaged communities wanting those services, with a view to improving the quality of these interactions for both parties. These interactions are a significant component of the interface between the state and marginalised populations. The broad scope for the interpretation of policies and procedures by both front-line bureaucrats and service seekers gives these interactions the potential to construct and reinforce marginalisation, but also to mitigate their effects, improve service and policy outcomes, and enhance the capability of participants to become engaged citizens.


Shelley Mallett [School of Political and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, UoM and Brotherhood of St Laurence]

Jessica Gerrard [Melbourne Graduate School of Education, UoM]

Richard Williams [Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, UoM]

Jacobs Keith [Social Sciences, University of Tasmania]

Kerry Walker [Department of Justice]