2015 Annual Report now available

The Melbourne Social Equity Institute's 2015 Annual Report is now available, featuring research and engagement highlights.

In 2015 the MSEI underwent a review of its first three years of operation. The review was conducted by Prof Liz Sonenberg, Prof Field Rickards, Prof Carolyn Evans and the Hon. David Harper AM.

Prof Bernadette McSherry, Foundation Director of the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, said she was pleased with the panel's feedback.

"It was very gratifying to be informed by the panel that MSEI has made a significant contribution to fostering interdisciplinary research that addresses important societal issues", Prof McSherry said.

"MSEI has established itself as an important element in the University's research agenda."

Going forward, MSEI will prepare a research agenda that addresses targeted areas of inequity, including refugees and asylum seekers, poverty and income inequality, and housing affordability.

Existing support for the Disability Research Initiative and the MSEI-auspiced Melbourne Research Alliance to End Violence Against Women and their Children (MAEVe) will continue.

Other highlights from 2015 include the establishment of the post-doctoral awards scheme. Four early career researchers were given a semester's break from teaching in order to develop research publications that will help them in their careers.

Six projects were seed funded, and a further three in partnership with the Disability Research Initiative.

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