Men Speak out on Migration and Gender Roles (Video Available)

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Dalal Smiley, CEO of Wellsprings for Women and a Melbourne Social Equity Institute Community Fellow
Mohajer Hameed, Research Fellow in the Safer Families Centre of Research Excellence.

In this presentation, Dr Dalal Smiley and Dr Mohajer Hameed share their research experiences with engaging men to speak out on migration, gender roles and explore some of the research implications in relation to post-settlement adjustments, family violence, separation and divorce and service needs of newly arrived families.

The aim of this Community Fellowship research project was to engage men from refugee and migrant backgrounds to talk about (a) gender roles, expectations and immigration and (b) how their perception of gender roles and expectations may have changed over the course of migration and settlement in Australia. Ten men residing in Wellsprings for Women’s catchment areas of Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia, participated in focus-group interviews.

This seminar is presented in partnership with the Melbourne Research Alliance To End Violence Against Women And Their Children (MAEVe).

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