Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

The Interdisciplinary PhD program in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies is giving me the opportunity to expand my understanding of the field beyond my own research interest and to reflect more deeply on significant research issues. I particularly appreciate getting to know PhD students from other disciplines, learning more about their work and experiencing the interconnectedness of our research topics. This program opens up possibilities for future collaborations and significant ongoing conversations, which I believe is very exciting and sustaining. Sarah Strauven, University of Melbourne Phd Candidate

Forced displacement is a major contemporary global challenge demanding responses based on enhanced understanding of its complex and multifaceted causes and consequences. This interdisciplinary program addresses the contemporary issues of asylum-seeking and enforced migration across the areas of law, health, culture, education, creative arts, history, social policy, housing, social sustainability, community wellbeing and mental health. It includes advanced research training informed by a range of disciplinary, theoretical and philosophical perspectives. Ethics and research methods will be key components of the program, as will approaches for communicating research to diverse audiences across and beyond the academy.

Students will be supported to build networks across the University and with relevant external organisations and to develop their research in reference to current real-world challenges. The program will enrich the PhD experience by creating a strong cohort and intellectual community that assists students in developing their post-doctoral pathways.

The Program is offered by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and students remain enrolled in their current departments.  Eligible students must have at least one supervisor based at the University of Melbourne and be undertaking doctoral research on a relevant topic. Timely completion of a PhD thesis remains the priority, with the Program intended to enhance the experience of advanced research training and aid post PhD pathways.

Program activities for 2018 will commence early in Semester 1 and comprise a mix of required and optional masterclasses, seminars, student presentations, study circles and skills workshops with a commitment of approximately 2 hours every 2-3 weeks during each academic semester.

For further information please contact:

Dr Karen Block
PhD Program Coordinator
+61 3 8344 0862
If you are not a current student at the University of Melbourne and would like information about how to apply to become a PhD candidate at the University, please visit the Future Students website.