The effect of title transfers on housing quality and tenant outcomes

Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) provides housing services to Aboriginal Victorians through its management of over 1500 properties. Currently, AHV owns a modest number of those properties, and the Victorian Government owns the rest. Starting this July, the Victorian Government will transfer the titles and hence ownership of its properties to AHV through a staged process, with about 500 properties being transferred at each stage. The title transfer is an exciting and long-sought development for AHV, which should provide the organisation with flexibility to better develop the properties, to clarify responsibility for maintenance and upgrades, and more generally but most importantly, to improve housing services and housing outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians.

The project will investigate whether the devolution of ownership of housing assets from the government to a private, Aboriginal community organisation improves the quality of those assets and leads to better tenant outcomes.


David Ribar [Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Science]

Ilan Wiesel [School of Geography]